“I smoked for 18 years and never thought I could quit. Thanks to sessions with Alisha, I finally have been able to stop this habit.”

– Mike Johles, CEO

“I had the baby an hour after I got to the hospital. It really worked out perfectly. I was able to have the birth I wanted naturally.”

– Jessica Ballard & Nate Mendel, Foo Fighters

“I’ve gone to Alisha for various reasons over the past 8 years. I saw her to deal with my general anxiety and after a few sessions my symptoms began to disappear. Then I saw her to help me conceive faster. A few months later, I was pregnant and took her HypnoBirthing® class. My doctor was so impressed with my relaxed state during and after the birth, he asked for Alisha’s contact information. I also saw Alisha to stop grinding my teeth and she gave me a CD of the session to listen to at home. I listened to it every day and my 20 year habit completely disappeared. Hypnosis is an amazing and powerful tool and Alisha is truly gifted.”

– Adrienne Lusby, Mother, Writer

“I went for a session with Alisha the night before an important performance. Thanks to her the show went incredibly well and my performance was a huge hit! The images of success Alisha had given me actually came true.”

– Bruce Bailey, Actor

“After one session I was rid of my fear of flying. It totally worked. I am so grateful I can vacation anytime and anywhere I want, I would definitely recommend Alisha. It was like magic.”

– Shana Sosa – Bartender

“When you meet Alisha you immediately feel comfortable and know you are in safe hands. I was in a couple of accidents that scattered me both physically and emotionally. Alisha’s strength, focus and healing helped me pick up the pieces and find my life again. After seeing her, I realized there’s much more to getting well than surgery, pills and doctor visits. I had mental and physical pain, she was a major part of my recovery. Alisha gave me hope. She is a true healer.”

– David Zimmerman, Acting Coach, Casting

“I came to Alisha with questions about expanding my business. Her practical advice, healing gifts and hypnotherapy have not only enabled me to save dollars and time on my business, but how long can i take ambien have also provided me with the creative energy that’s just been invaluable. I feel indebted to Alisha.”

– Hillary Kimblin, Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist

“I’ve witnessed the wonders of hypnosis used by Alisha’s clients during childbirth.  I had an intense attack of sciatica that literally dropped me to the floor. I tried numerous methods of therapy, reached a plateau and decided to see Alisha. The personalized CD she created during our session allowed me to continue the work at home and successfully help me to heal. Thank you Alisha, for introducing me to hypnosis and for all your healing work and support.”

– Jodie Meyers, Childbirth Filmmaker

“After just one session with Alisha, I now have the emotional tools to clear away artist’s block. I’m energized, positive and focused as never before.”

– Janet Armi, Artist

“When I asked Alisha to be an instructor for our workshop, she didn’t hesitate. The class was full of many who had never been to a hypnotherapist before. She took us through exercises, hypnosis and meditations. Her calming voice and intuition were pure relaxation. I saw one of our students transform right in front of my eyes. He was angry, upset, and sad with the loss of his home to a fire as a well as many physical ailments. His physical appearance changed and the calmness flowed through him. Alisha’s workshop is still brought up and talked about by our students. I look forward to having her back to teach, heal and give us the hope that is right in front of us.”

– Meet the Biz Workshops

“Alisha gently and skillfully elevated our retreat experience with her knowledge, calmness, warmth, wit and insight.”

– Purusha Hickson, Costa Rica Yoga Retreat


“Working with Alisha Tamburri and her method of hypnosis has taken me to deeper places of calm and relaxation that I had never expected. The personalized CD of my session with her has had far reaching effects in general relaxation, assisted insomnia, abated my terrible nausea and vomiting, and has even carried over into my work as a midwife. I find myself utilizing all the warm calming words of the wonderful hypnosis sessions in my daily life with my work with clients at home and in the hospital.”

– Kerin Asher-Galloway, RN, CNM, Haven at Home

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