HypnoBirthing® -The Mongan Method Course is taught one night a week starting at 7:00 PM. See “Calendar” for upcoming dates and locations. Private sessions are also available upon request. Please contact us for enrollment 818-775-1868.

Every week you will watch two HypnoBirthing® films, a chapter of “What Babies Want,” address any of your questions or concerns and close each class with a relaxing hypnosis session.

Building A Positive Expectancy

  • HypnoBirthing® origins
  • Introduction to principles of self hypnosis
  • How to release the fear/tension/pain syndrome
  • Whats wrong with labor and how fear affects labor
  • The history of women and birthing
  • How the uterus works
  • How nature perfectly designed a woman’s body to give birth
  • Hypnosis and deep relaxation to create positive birth outcomes
  • Sleep breathing: for sleep, relaxation, and used at the beginning of labor
  • Rainbow Relaxation Hypnosis

Falling in Love With Your Baby/ Preparing Mind & Body

  • The remarkable mind of your newborn baby
  • Prenatal and postnatal bonding techniques
  • Birthing positions>
  • Slow breathing: extremely helpful throughout laborwhat is hypnobirthing
  • Progressive, instant and deepening hypnosis techniques
  • Birth companions learn to put Moms into hypnosis
  • Pelvic floor exercises (Kegels)
  • Nutrition, the importance of growing healthy, happy babies
  • Releasing limiting thoughts exercise
  • Depthometer/Glove Relaxation Hypnosis

Creating Your Birth Preference

  • Birth breathing: to bring your baby into the world
  • How to avoid episiotomy and tearing
  • Preparing birth preferences (birth plan)
  • Hospital records and pre-administration registration
  • Avoiding breech presentationchildbirth education
  • Looking at your due date
  • Light touch labor massage
  • Avoiding artificial induction of labor
  • Making sure your care provider is the right fit for you
  • Who will be there when you give birth?
  • Do you need a doula?
  • Fear Release Hypnosis

An Overview of Childbirth – A Labor of Love

  • Birth explained simply
  • The stages of labor
  • How you will know you are in labor
  • How to know when it is time go to the hospital, call your midwife or doula
  • Special circumstances that require the attention of your caregiver
  • Settling in at the hospital, birthing center, or for a home birth
  • Birth companion’s role: what to do during labor
  • Natural measures for a slow or stalled labor
  • Important questions for birth companions to ask care providers
  • Birthing phase – breathing baby down
  • Who will be there when I get home? Do I need a post-partum doula?
  • View “Birth Into Being”
  • Birth Rehearsal Hypnosis
  • 5 – 2 1/2 hour classes

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