What Doctors are Saying:

“Alisha’s HypnoBirthing classes teach women simple strategies to remain calm and relaxed throughout labor. It allows them to approach their birth experience calmly and confidently.”

– Paul Crane, MD, FACOG

“As an OBGYN, I noticed the patients that utilized HypnoBirthing remained most calm and relaxed during their labor and births. This led me to seek out HypnoBirthing to prepare for my own delivery. Alisha’s class was a great experience for my husband and me. It allowed us to have the drug-free birth we desired. Alisha is amazing and I am forever grateful for all her support. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is pregnant and wants to feel more confident and prepared for labor.”

– Allison Devine, MD, FACOG

“Wow!! Alisha’s classes create absolutely beautiful deliveries. This is the way to have a baby!!”

– Layne Kumetz, MD, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Fertility

“Having trained in obstectrics and gynecology, I knew all the things that could go wrong on the labor floor. HypnoBirthing allowed me to deeply relax into the experience of the birth and let go of any fears or anxieties. I used the HypnoBirthing method during both of my pregnancies and had two beautiful natural births. The first came just one hour after arriving at the hospital and the second at home. I recommend Alisha’s class to all my patients.”

– Jennifer Lang, MD

“Alisha’s HypnoBirthing is invaluable in helping my patients achieve their dream birth. HypnoBirthing allows women to remove the fear of pain from the joy of childbirth.”

– Stuart J. Fischbein, MD, FACOG

“I’ve been delivering babies for 20 years, and I’ve never seen anything like this method. It’s incredible!”

– Robert J. Zahn, MD

What Midwives and Nurses are Saying:

“I am always happy to refer my patients to Alisha for HypnoBirthing classes. They learn techniques they can use through their pregnancy, birth and the rest of their lives!”

– Deborah Frank, CNM

“HypnoBirthing is a golden opportunity for women to deal with their mental challenges during childbirth. Alisha Tamburri is one of the best HypnoBirthing teachers in Los Angeles. We have worked together many times and I find her to be a professional and caring instructor and an expert in her field.”

– Davi K. Khalsa, CNM

“Alisha’s HypnoBirthing classes have a profound effect on my client’s confidence, trust in their bodies and connection to their babies. As a certified HypnoBirthing nurse midwife I highly recommend her class.”

– Simona Istrate, CNM

“Alisha’s HypnoBirthing classes empower women and their partner’s to participate in a calm and peaceful birth. The births that I have experienced have been so special and positive. I will continue to refer all my patients to Alisha.”

– Susan Minich, CNM, MSN, MSOM, LAc Kaiser Permanente

“Alisha provides a thorough class, educating women in the techniques of HypnoBirthing. Her clients are well prepared and have the tools they need to work through the challenges of labor and birth.”

– UCLA Midwifery Team

“Working with Alisha Tamburri and her method of hypnosis has taken me to deeper places of calm and relaxation that I had never expected. The personalized CD of my session with her has had far reaching effects in general relaxation, assisted insomnia, abated my terrible nausea and vomiting, and has even carried over into my work as a midwife. I find myself utilizing all the warm calming words of the wonderful hypnosis sessions in my daily life with my work with clients at home and in the hospital.”

– Kerin Asher-Galloway, RN, CNM, Haven at Home

“I was impressed with Alisha’s knowledge of HypnoBirthing and the fabulous environment at Bini Birth. The relaxing techniques she teaches in class are beneficial during labor and delivery as well as everyday life.”

– Dora Smith, L&D Nurse, Cedars Sinai

What Parents are Saying:

HypnoBirthing classes los angeles“My husband, Steve, knew how to help me after taking the HypnoBirthing course. He kept me relaxed and confident during my labor and birthing. HypnoBirthing took away all my fears and gave me the confidence to have an all-natural birth without drugs. We breezed through it, 1/2 hours and 2 pushes!”

– Michelle Becker

“Learning about HypnoBirthing and working with Alisha gave us great peace of mind. Being a first-time mom, I was worried what my labor would be like, and that it might be difficult. What Alisha gave to me was the reassurance that my body knows what to do, and how to get out of my own way, mentally! I think that because of the confidence and calmness she had given me, I was able to deliver baby three hours after arriving at Cedars. We highly recommend Alisha to everybody!”

– Bridget Fonda and Danny Elfman

“I am so greatful that I found and practiced HypnoBirthing throughout my pregnancy because I know that it is the reason my labor and delivery was so smooth and free of complications. Anyone can successfully have a drug-free childbirth experience. It is all about relaxing and understanding that pain comes with fear. When you eliminate the fear, what remains is confidence and excitement about the birthing process. I felt safe and empowered and so completely grateful to Alisha and HypnoBirthing for teaching me how to breathe, relax on command and work with my body to consciously and gently bring my baby into the world. I can’t wait to do it again.”

– Kaitlin Olson & Rob McElhenney

hypnosis for fertility“The HypnoBirthing methods that we learned from Alisha in our first trimester empowered us to have a joyous and stress free pregnancy as well as the the calm, centered, natural labor and delivery that we wanted! Free of fear and medical intervention we were able to focus solely on relaxing and welcoming our beautiful daughter in to the world!”

– Tobi Tommaney & Christian Larin

“HypnoBirthing is what helped me have the labor I imagined for myself during my first pregnancy but was unable to achieve until my second. Without HypnoBirthing and Alisha’s guidance, I would not have understood my “rights” as a patient and mother to bring my child into this world drug-free and fully aware. My birth was a wonderful, natural event instead of a medical one.”

– Melissa Joan Hart

“Working with Alisha allowed me to approach the birth of my daughter with confidence and excitement.”

– Kellie Martin

“HypnoBirthing classes kept us centered and relaxed throughout the pregnancy and labor. Our daughter is like a living Buddha, so calm.”

– Tracy and Noah Wyle

“Your expertise in your field made us both feel very relaxed. It was an absolutely wonderful experience, the baby just glided out.”

– Melissa and Matt LeBlanc

“The deep level of relaxation, trust and connection that HypnoBirthing and Alisha foster and encourage has already proved to be a helpful ally in what I anticipate being one of the most sacred experiences of my life.”

– Alanis Morissette

“Because of HypnoBirthing and Alisha, I now look forward to giving birth and can’t wait to use the method we learned in class! She also helped me make some tough decisions about my birth plan.”

– Emily Deschanel

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