“A Gentle Translation into Motherhood” – Preparing Moms for the 4th Trimester.

A single class for pregnant Moms that is a perfect addition to HypnoBirthing. No prior classes or hypnosis experience required. Finally a class completely focused on the needs of the mother!

This fun, practical interactive 3 hour class helps mothers adjust to the new normal by teaching simple techniques, self hypnosis and ways to find focus, rest and clarity amidst the myriad of emotions they face.

shutterstock_111283013motherbabyThis class covers:
Making the most of your limited sleep,
Deeper bonding with your baby,
Strengthening maternal instincts,
Asking for help and getting it,
Making time for self care,
Overcoming emotional overload,
Finding peace,
and much more.

What is HypnoMothering?
Taking care of Mom! There is very little guidance out there for new mothers. Plenty of classes exist for their babies; classes for breastfeeding, newborn care, baby wearing, sleep training, infant CPR and more. All of this is for the baby. For mothers, we only see moms groups to talk about their babies and partum depression groups. There are comparisons about who is doing it right and mothers are left feeling judged and guilty.

HypnoMothering is more than just a class it’s a program to help you create your own experience and enjoy motherhood in your unique way. It is like a toolbox to tackle big, fierce, wild feelings. Bad day? You will learn a technique to soften it. Feeling judged? You will learn a way to handle that, not on the outside, on the inside.

Be prepared so you can enjoy being a new mom!
HypnoMothering provides insight, guidance and encouragement for every Mom on her journey. We equip each mom with the tools she needs. Class includes discussions, quick & effective techniques, handouts for practice, and 8 downloads to release stress, nap, sleep and adjust to your life as a mom.
If you are looking to enhance your mothering with more calm, balance and energy this class is for you!

Call for class dates – (818) 775-1868

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