turn breech babyI was blessed with two drug-free pain-free births and want to help every woman have a beautiful and memorable birthing experience as well. With over 38 years of motherhood I know a little bit about being a Mom. My daughters are grown, my grandson is getting older, and I am looking forward to welcoming many more grandchildren.


In addition to attending births myself, I have an extensive list of exceptional birth and post partum doulas to assist you. I find out what type of person fits into your family, philosophy, your budget, and get a good sense of what you expect so I can find a wonderful match for you.


I am grateful for the opportunity to nurture Moms and their partners during labor. I have assisted hundreds of couples as their doula in hospitals, birthing centers, and home births. Since doula means “to serve woman” I am present and committed to the laboring parents and their needs 100% before, during, and after birth. I am available for my Moms during their pregnancy and on call 24/7 close to their guess date.


My background as a hypnotherapist, counselor, and HypnoBirthing® childbirth educator enhances my ability as a doula to keep Moms relaxed, focused, and empowered so they can experience a profound and joyous childbirth.


The mind and heart have a strong influence on labor and how the body works. If there are any concerns or fears I help the Mom to release them so she is free to allow her body do the job it was created to do. Giving birth is the most vulnerable, intimate, and spiritual time in a woman’s life. When at a birth I often remain silent so I can stay attuned to what a woman is feeling.  I am there to attend to all her needs and my Moms are always heard and respected.


During labor I use many techniques such as hypnosis, massage, reiki, yoga, deeksha, and make sure Moms are hydrated, changing positions, walking, sleeping, relaxing, and eating.  When Mom is resting I then take care of her partner. I keep both parents calm and informed during labor. I encourage the couple’s intimacy and give them plenty of privacy.


I feel honored to be part of this sacred time when a new life is coming into the world. I give advice and knowledge to the parents to empower them in their decision making and then I support them in whatever choices they make. I respect a woman’s intuition and believe that a Mother knows what is best for her and her baby. I stay at the birth until baby is in Mom’s arms and photograph the birth and moments following baby’s arrival for a keepsake gift to the new parents.


“Studies show that when doulas are present at birth, women have shorter labors, fewer medical interventions, fewer cesareans and healthier babies. Recent evidence also suggests that when a doula provides labor support, women are more satisfied with their experience and the mother-infant interaction is enhanced after the birth. With doula support, fathers tend to stay more involved with their partner rather than pull away in times of stress. The benefits of doula care have been recognized worldwide.”





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