The following are some of the concerns hypnotherapy can help you overcome. 


Abandonment Fear of Success/Failure Panic Attacks
Addictions Fears and Phobias Performance Anxiety
Agoraphobia/Claustrophobia Fertility Pregnancy
Anger Financial Issues Procrastination
Anxiety Gambling Public Speaking
Assertiveness Grief/Mourning Regression
Auditions Guilt Relationships
Birthing Hair Pulling Self-Confidence
Body Image Health Issues Sexual/Verbal/Physical Abuse
Breech Baby Hypochondria Shame
Communication Skills Insomnia Smoking Cessation
Compulsive Behavior Intimacy Sports Enhancement
Confidence Lack of Focus Stage Fright
Cutting Lack of Energy Stuttering
Dental Anxiety Lactation Issues Surgery Prep/Recovery
Depression Memory Teeth Grinding
Domestic Violence Menopause Test Taking
Empty Nest Syndrome Migraines Tinnitus
Family Issues Motivation Trauma
Fear of Driving Nail Biting Weight Control
Fear of Flying Pain Management Writer’s/Artist’s Block

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